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Management Based on Local Decision-Making

Wherever we operate in the world, the Securitas culture is characterized by responsibility, ownership and entrepreneurship. Securitas’ Ethics and Values Code and our core values — Integrity, Vigilance and Helpfulness — define how we work. Our flat, non-hierarchal organization fosters an environment of openness, accessibility and empowerment.

More detailed support documents have also been established, including an anti-corruption policy and instructions regarding emission limits for vehicles that are purchased or leased by Securitas.

Strict ethical standards

Our business is conducted within the framework of the laws and regulations of  the countries where we operate and in accordance with international conventions, such as the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the OECD’s Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the ILO’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. This means that we comply with anti-corruption competition rules, labor market legislation, safety requirements, environmental legislation and other regulations that impact our operations. We are also a signatory of UN Global Compact.

In many countries, the ethical standards we set are stricter than the local legislation and regulations thanks to the far-reaching sense of responsibility we feel for the communities in which we operate.

Responsibility rests with the CEO

The Board of Directors decides on Securitas' sustainability strategy and policies together with the President and CEO of Securitas AB, who has ultimate responsibility for the realization of the Group's sustainability work. The country presidents are responsible for ensuring that the basic requirements are met and for launching appropriate initiatives.

The Group has an Ethics and Sustainability Board which establishes the principles for our work and follows up cases of alleged non-compliance with Securitas' Values and Ethics Code. The board meets regularly and comprises Group’s President and CEO, SVP General Counsel, SVP Group Brand and Communications and Group Sustainability Officer.

The Group Sustainability Officer leads the Group’s ongoing sustainability work, and in addition to following the regular reporting line, also reports to the Board of Directors' Audit Committee. Responsibilities include coordination of corporate social responsibility activities across the Group, which involves working closely together with other core functions, for example, the legal and risk organization at different levels in the company, as well as HR managers at the country level. Other responsibilities include stakeholder engagement on sustainability issues, and supporting the countries of operation with respect to sustainability matters.

Decisions made by branch managers

At Securitas, local responsibility is fundamental. We have a decentralized decision-making process and delegate a significant amount of responsibility to the approximately 1,700 branch managers leading our daily operations.

With our vast global presence we are never that far from our clients and the services are improved when decisions are made in close to and together with the clients. This is why we consider local initiatives to be crucial to our sustainability efforts.

Securitas AB Annual and Sustainability Report 2019

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