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Reducing Business Risks

Working in a responsible manner generates many business advantages for Securitas. Not only does it reduce the company’s risks, it also makes it easier to obtain permits in new markets.

Before acquiring a company in a country where Securitas does not conduct operations, the customary due diligence process is supplemented with, for example, background checks of key personnel, verification against sanction lists and a human rights assessment.

Easier to obtain permits in new markets

Securitas is able to expand in markets where the security industry is undergoing deregulation and in less mature markets – markets where we are able to leverage our position as a responsible partner. This makes it easier for us to participate in procurement processes and obtain permits.

Increasing customer confidence

Clients are increasingly looking for suppliers that take a proactive approach to sustainability issues. Clients with major, global contracts, in particular, often impose strict business ethical, environmental and social requirements on their suppliers. By taking a proactive approach to sustainability, we strengthen the clients' confidence in us as a supplier.

Developing new services

As a leader in the industry, we have a responsibility to develop new service concepts. Our new concepts are designed to create social, environmental and financial advantages for our clients. These new concepts may stem from ideas designed to reduce a client's environmental impact or help clients become more efficient and thus improve their profitability.

Securitas AB Annual and Sustainability Report 2019

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