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Responsibility Generates Added Value

Securitas is the knowledge leader in security, specialized in protective services built on technology, people and knowledge. Our core business is security. By providing safety to the communities where we operate, we contribute to a more sustainable society. We lead by example and aim to conduct all aspects of our operations in a responsible way.

To us, corporate social responsibility is a business approach that delivers economic, social and environmental benefits to our stakeholders and adds value to the Securitas brand. We enjoy a strong reputation and living up to our customers' and other stakeholders' expectations is a vital part of our strategy.

Contributing to a safer society

Safety and stability are key in a well-functioning community. Securitas' role is to help companies, infrastructure and government authorities to operate the way they are intended, without interruptions. The protection of workplaces, public areas and properties plays an important part in how we contribute to a safer and more sustainable society.

As one of few global security companies with the track record, expertise and capacity to protect core functions of society, Securitas' responsibility is of even greater importance in times of uncertainty and insecurity.

In many cases, profitability and responsibility go hand in hand. Our security officers working at night, for example, help reduce the energy consumption of an office by turning off equipment that is not being used. This adds value for the customers both by saving money and by reducing their environmental impact. At the same time, it is a profitable service for Securitas.

Securitas AB Sustainability Report 2016

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