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Our Prioritized Areas

Here is a summary of our key sustainability priorities.

Securitas' Values and Ethics Code

Securitas' Values and Ethics Code is one of the company's most important policies. Securitas Integrity Line is a Group reporting system for matters concerning non-compliance and code violations.

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Results in 2016

  • The governance, risk and compliance (GRC) system was further improved. The system facilitates cross functional work and improves processes and routines.
  • Seven country visits were conducted.
  • Effort to complete training in Securitas' Values and Ethics in all countries continued. In total, approximately 92 percent of managers and office personnel and 80 percent of security officers have completed the course.
  • Securitas Integrity Line was introduced in one additional country and has now been implemented in all 53 countries.

Priorities in 2017

  • Continued follow-up of areas covered in the enterprise risk management self-assessments and other sustainability reporting, particularly concerning health and safety and human rights.
  • Support countries that have not yet completed the training in Securitas' Values and Ethics.

Employee relations

Securitas has more than 335,000 employees in 53 countries. The key to Securitas' long-term growth and sustainability lies in being a stable, trustworthy employer.

Results in 2016

  • Employee surveys were carried out in the divisions Security Services Europe (covering all employees) and Security Services North America (covering managers and office personnel).
  • Five meetings were held with UNI Global Union (UNI) and the European Works Council (EWC).

Priorities in 2017

  • Follow-up of improvement actions set as a result of the outcome of the employee surveys.
  • Continue to engage in an active and constructive dialog with UNI and the EWC.

CO2 emissions

Securitas strives to reduce its CO2 emissions, primarily from transportation. Securitas has participated in CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) since 2011.

Results in 2016

  • Average CO2 emissions increased 0.7 percent for cars and 2.8 percent for minivans, mainly due to vehicles included in acquisitions carried out in 2016.
  • Securitas reached a score of Performance band C in the 2016 CDP.

Priorities in 2017

  • Continue the work to reduce emissions from company-owned and leased cars and minivans.
  • Use results in CDP to drive change towards lower emissions.


Securitas sustainability report is prepared according to the G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Results in 2016

  • An investor meeting with a sustainability focus was held in May 2016.
  • External and internal stakeholders were invited to participate in Securitas' annual survey about our sustainability work and communication.
  • A survey was carried out regarding occupational health and safety work in countries that are not OHSAS 18001 certified.

Priorities in 2017

  • Continuous stakeholder dialog.
  • Further increase the scope of the GRI report, including adding KPIs / indicators.
  • Consider the new legal requirements regarding sustainability reporting and a policy for Board and management diversity.

Business practice

By integrating issues related to CSR into our operations, we can reduce our business risks.

Results in 2016

  • Implementation of Group guidelines for risk assessment of suppliers, including a due diligence process.

Priorities in 2017

  • Launch of an e-learning course in Securitas' fair competition policy for relevant employees.  
  • Follow up completion of the course in the anti-corruption policy for all relevant employees.

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Securitas AB Sustainability Report 2016

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