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Sustainability Strategy

Securitas’ strategy is to be the leading security company, specializing in protective services based on people, technology and knowledge. The sustainability strategy is based on our fundamental values – Integrity, Vigilance and Helpfulness – and guided by our key corporate policies and guidelines, such as Securitas’ Values and Ethics Code.

Securitas' core business is security. By providing safety to the communities where we operate, we contribute to a more sustainable society. We lead by example and aim to conduct all aspects of our operations in a responsible way.

CSR i a business approach

To us, corporate social responsibility is a business approach that delivers economic, social and environmental benefits to our stakeholders and adds value to the Securitas brand. We enjoy a strong reputation and living up to our customers' and other stakeholders' expectations is a vital part of our strategy.

Our customers can be found in nearly all industries and segments and some operate in sectors that are important for the whole of society. By providing them with high-quality security solutions and operating in a responsible and sustainable manner, our customers can focus on their core business and develop.

Improving the status of security officers

Securitas' strategy is to move up the value chain and offer security solutions instead of only traditional manned guarding. This will enable us to operate in a way that is in line with our standards. Our position as one of the largest companies in the industry enables us to work actively toward improving the status of the security officers and the conditions in the security business, for example, through active dialog with authorities, industry associations and unions.

To meet our stakeholders' expectations of us as a responsible, honest and transparent company, Securitas strives to continuously improve our sustainability work and communication. Submitting a sustainability report according to the GRI guidelines for the 2016 financial year forms part of this aim.

Securitas AB Sustainability Report 2016

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