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Digital ID Protection

Service Description and End-User Terms for MySecuritas Digital ID Protection.

General description

MySecuritas Digital ID Protection is a digital search service that helps to identify ID theft or misuse. The service works proactively against ID hijacking and digital fraud but can also help you as a user if an incident has already occurred. By using MySecuritas Digital ID Protection, you get access to an online portal where you can administrate which employees/colleagues that get access to the service. The selected employees are then invited by email to log into the Digital ID Protection portal where they can enter online accounts details, credit card references, Social Security Number so that all these data will be monitored against any associated suspicious activity on thedeep/dark web.

The digital solution is a secure, cloud-based service that monitors companies’ and employees' data and email addresses against any suspicious data activity. When the algorithm detects a potential ID hijacking or any other digital frauds, those affected are alerted immediately by email or SMS. You as a user is not compensated for any misuse of theft, the MySecuritas Digital ID Protection service is only monitoring and alerting users of suspicious activity.

Key functionality

When you are using MySecuritas Digital ID Protection, you receive the following functionality:

  • ID monitoring and real-time alarms linked to the company’s personal data and e-mail addresses.
  • Real-time alerts if the company’s credit cards appear on black marketplaces.
  • Assistance service related to identity theft.

The MySecuritas user, who is also the admin of the platform, has an additional menu where he/she can manage the list of employees that get access to the service.


Once the employee has entered their private/professional information, he or she does not need to use the platform on a frequent basis as they will be alerted in case of suspicious activity related to the information that has been provided.

End-User Terms

End-User Terms for MySecuritas Digital ID Protection [ENG]
End-User Terms for MySecuritas Digital ID Protection [SWE]

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