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3 colleagues honored for embodying our core values

Three colleagues have recently earned Securitas Purpose Awards for their inspiring stories and dedication to upholding our core values.

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Every Securitas colleague plays a vital role in upholding our values of integrity, vigilance, and helpfulness – and some go the extra mile in truly embodying them.

To celebrate their hard work and commitment, we honor colleagues each year with the Securitas Purpose Awards. This year, three exceptional people earned our core values awards: Miltón Bermeo from Ecuador, Jean-Marc Gagliani from Switzerland, and Mario Morgenstern from Germany.

Continue reading to learn more about their unique stories.

Miltón earns Integrity Award for his dedication and loyalty


Miltón Bermeo, a reception guard in Ecuador, received the Integrity Award for his loyalty and steadfastness in making a difference in the community, even in the face of adversity.

Five years ago, Miltón began his career at Securitas as a security officer. At the end of 2022, he was involved in a serious motorcycle accident that resulted in multiple fractures and a walking disability. After undergoing surgeries and a long rehabilitation process, he was still determined to put on his uniform and return to work. For Miltón, the uniform wasn’t just work attire but a symbol of his dedication to serving others and helping to make the world a safer place.

Now working as a receptionist guard, he continues to exhibit remarkable strength of character. His determination, patience, perseverance, and friendliness are admirable qualities that earned Miltón a 2024 Securitas Purpose Award.

His inspiring story serves as a reminder of the significance of empathy, optimism, and selfless service, even in life's most challenging moments.

Jean-Marc earns Vigilance Award for his pursuit of excellence


Jean-Marc Gagliani, customer success specialist at our Swiss business Protectas Technology, earned the Vigilance Award for his passion and unwavering pursuit of excellence.

His ability to adapt and reinvent himself in an ever-evolving technological landscape stands as a testament to his dedication. Jean-Marc’s insatiable curiosity drives him to continuously learn, explore new ideas, and innovate.

More than that, his 25-year tenure at the organization is marked by a deep commitment to delivering outstanding service to clients. This commitment is ingrained in his work ethic; he goes above and beyond for clients, finding creative and effective solutions that exceed even their highest expectations.

But it's not just his relationship with clients that distinguishes him. Jean-Marc is also a cornerstone for his team. Always present in the field, he streamlines the work of technical teams by meticulously preparing the necessary equipment for their missions. Even in moments of stress, he remains calm and focused, offering invaluable support to his colleagues.

One of his great strengths is forging relationships based on trust and mutual respect. He is a natural leader, who is always in pursuit of knowledge and better ways to serve those around him.

Mario earns Helpfulness Award for his lifesaving service


Mario Morgenstern, a public transport inspector in Germany, earned the Helpfulness Award for his quick response and skilled first-aid intervention, which helped to save an infant’s life.

The incident occurred in front of a control station where a bus had stopped. All passengers left the bus and a woman cried out for help, pointing toward her child. Mario took a closer look, saw that the child was having a seizure, and immediately began resuscitation and administering first aid. The child was rescued and handed over to the arriving emergency services.

As a father of a young child, Mario had attended a first-aid course for small children and was able to apply his knowledge in practice. Since this incident, first aid for infants has been included in the training components for the team.

The award recognizes not just Mario’s life-saving act, but the ripple effect it has had on training practices, ensuring better preparedness for any future emergencies involving children.

Each of these three individuals – Mario, Jean-Marc, and Miltón – is an inspiring testament to the power of our core values. Their stories remind us of the profound impact that integrity, vigilance, and helpfulness can have on our communities and the lives of those around us.

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