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A legacy rooted in timeless and universal values

Securitas’ journey to becoming a global security leader is rooted in timeless and universal values of integrity, vigilance, and helpfulness.

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The roots of Securitas were planted in the early days when a young Erik Philip-Sörensen, known by his nickname “Phille,” took a ferry from Helsingør, Denmark, to Helsingborg, Sweden, and bought a bicycle along with a city map.

As the story goes, Phille cycled the streets of Helsingborg, knocking on doors, inquiring if businesses needed guarding. These humble beginnings laid the groundwork for what would eventually become Securitas, a security solutions partner with world-leading technology and expertise.

Years later, when he expanded operations in Sweden, hiring hundreds of people, Phille recognized the central role that ethics played in the company’s mission. He knew that security officers – often working alone at night to protect people and societal assets – carry a significant responsibility to uphold certain values.

These values, Phille decided together with his officers, included integrity, vigilance, and helpfulness.

  • Integrity means being honest. We never compromise on our integrity, ethics, or truthfulness.
  • Vigilance means paying attention and taking ownership. We stay alert, constantly evaluating the situation, and taking action whenever needed.
  • Helpfulness means being approachable, service-oriented, and accommodating to our clients and colleagues.

These values weren’t chosen at random; in fact, they were deeply rooted in Phille’s family's legacy. In 1928, his father had written a short book about guarding values – a kind of guide to the way a security officer should behave.

Thirty years later, Phille and his officers distilled the insights from this book into Securitas’ three core values and began integrating them into the Securitas culture. To this day, these values remain integral to our professional conduct and are proudly represented in our logo.

They’re put into practice wherever we operate. From safeguarding critical infrastructures like data centers and airports to protecting country-specific sites, such as oil rigs in Norway, wine cellars in Portugal, and watch factories in Switzerland.


As we look to the future, we remain firmly rooted in the timeless values Phille established in 1958. Our unwavering commitment to integrity, vigilance, and helpfulness defines our past but also lights the way forward.

These values, central to our identity and operations, continue to guide our responses to evolving security challenges and our dedication to global safety. This steadfast commitment ensures that, as we grow and adapt, our mission and contribution to society remains clear: to help make the world a safer place.

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