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Innovating security: Meet the AI team at Securitas

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) team within Securitas is harnessing the power of AI to drive efficiency and bolster security measures.

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Led by Daniel Sandberg, the AI team is currently comprised of data scientists and data engineers with backgrounds in computer science, ICT, applied mathematics or statistics.

Daniel's academic background in Engineering Physics paved the way for his passion for creating algorithms and optimizing business operations. As the lead of the AI team, he spearheads the development of AI models to improve efficiency and security operations in the organization.

Since his early academic years, Daniel has consistently focused on maximizing efficiency and effectiveness in various domains. His master's thesis revolved around developing an algorithm with the ambitious goal of predicting stock market outcomes. From his very first job, he has been deeply involved in creating algorithms to streamline processes and improve overall efficiency.

This dedication has become a long-standing passion of his, driving his career choices and inspiring him to explore the potential of AI integration.

The team's areas of expertise and AI focus

To facilitate Securitas’ AI-powered operational upgrade, the AI team is composed of skilled professionals with expertise in data analysis, machine learning, and AI technologies, who operate with a clear structure and specific focuses. It encompasses three data science groups, each covering different areas of expertise: Natural Language Processing (NLP), Risk Prediction and AI-driven business. In addition, a dedicated data engineering team supports the data science teams by deploying algorithms and functionalities.

The Natural Language Processing team supports the leverage of state-of-the-art NLP-driven security solutions, while the Risk Intelligence team forms the foundation of Securitas' operations. By accurately forecasting risks at client sites, they enable effective decision-making regarding product selection, technology deployment, visit scheduling, and necessary actions.

How AI is transforming the security industry

Daniel's unwavering belief in the transformative power of AI motivates him and his team to stay at the forefront of industry developments. He anticipates that AI will play an integral role in the security industry, revolutionizing decision-making processes and optimizing efficiency across the service board. As technology continues to progress, the team explores the immense possibilities that lie ahead and remain committed to driving this transformative change through the implementation of data-driven AI.

“We stay updated regarding what is coming and share that knowledge within the team”, Daniel says.

One of the key objectives of the AI team is to optimize operational efficiency and company’s solutions offering. By leveraging data, the team can identify bottlenecks, streamline processes, and make data-backed recommendations for improvement. This approach allows Securitas to identify areas where resources can be better allocated, leading to cost savings and improved productivity. Another area of focus for our AI team is enhancing our company's offerings. Through the analysis of data, we can gain valuable insights into customer preferences, market trends, and product performance.

As technology continues to progress, the team explores the possibilities that lie ahead and remain committed to driving Securitas’ digital transformation through the implementation of data-driven AI.

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