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More than words: How a strong visual identity creates a memorable brand

In the noisy world of business, where every company is shouting to be noticed, there's one secret that can make you unforgettable: your visual style. Think of it as the unique outfit that tells the story of who you are and what you stand for, without saying a word.

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Let me paint a picture for you. Imagine a small coffee shop in the heart of a busy city. In a sea of chain stores, this shop wanted to stand out as a cozy spot for coffee lovers. So, they chose a warm, welcoming logo that looked like a comfy fireplace, and picked earthy colors that made you feel grounded and at home. Just looking at it made you want to wrap your hands around a hot cup and forget about the rush outside.

Now, think of a startup that's all about pushing boundaries. Their logo has sleek lines and bold colors, representing their daring spirit and passion for cutting-edge technology. Looking at it, you feel like you’re about to join a thrilling adventure.

The power of visual storytelling

That's the power of visual storytelling. It's about creating a look that speaks to people's hearts and tells them what you're all about, even before they've read a single word about you. It's like telling your brand's story through pictures and colors, so that anyone who sees it gets a sense of what you're bringing to the table.

In today's digital world, your visual identity matters more than ever. It's like the friendly face that greets people at your door, making them feel at home and eager to come in. It's the language that anyone, no matter where they're from, can understand and connect with.

Why leaders often underestimate the power of brand

It's not uncommon for leaders to downplay the potential of their brand. Many are lured by the promise of immediate financial returns and often see branding as an abstract investment with elusive, intangible outcomes.

The allure of short-term gains can lead them to overlook the profound influence that a well-crafted brand identity can have. Moreover, some leaders might not fully grasp the intricate tapestry that a strong brand weaves – it's not just about aesthetics, but a window into the values, culture, and ambitions of a company.

Dismissing the potential of a strong brand is indeed a mistake. In a competitive landscape, it means missing opportunities for differentiation and connecting on a profound, emotional level with your audience. A strong brand is more than a logo or color palette; it's a story that sets you apart and helps you build lasting client relationships.

Beyond that, it's an investment in long-term success, a strategic decision that secures your company's future amidst the constant flux of the business world. By overlooking the power of branding, leaders may unknowingly limit their company's growth potential and miss the chance to leave a memorable mark on the business world.

Securitas: A world-leading brand

In 2021, we undertook a brand update, breathing new life into our visual identity to reflect our dynamic spirit and our commitment to innovation and security. The essence of our brand update in 2021 was to bridge the gap between our rich heritage and forward-thinking approach, allowing our visual identity to embody our ethos of reliability and cutting-edge solutions. With a legacy spanning decades, we needed a look that not only honored our tradition but also resonated with the contemporary demands of the security landscape. In our updated branding, we retained some elements of our iconic logo, including the three red dots that symbolize integrity, vigilance, and helpfulness. However, we infused a modern touch by incorporating dynamic visual elements, mirroring our ability to adapt to the ever-evolving challenges of the security industry.

The updated logo, with a warmer and rejuvenated three red dots and a sleek and modern typography, signifies our confidence and assertiveness in providing innovative security solutions for an ever-changing world. Moreover, our brand update is not merely about a visual makeover. It’s part of a comprehensive effort to communicate our evolving role in the digital security sphere. The new branding serves as a nod to our commitment to technology integration, which is a cornerstone of our approach to safeguarding clients' interests in an increasingly complex security landscape.

Our brand update has allowed us to strike the ideal balance between our rich history and our aspirations for the future, enabling us to resonate with a wider audience and assert our position as an industry leader in the ever-expanding realm of security solutions.

Imagine what a powerful brand could do for your company. Don't underestimate its power.

In a world driven by perception and connection, a compelling brand identity can set your business on a transformative journey toward success. Embrace the art of visual storytelling, and let your brand become the voice that speaks to the hearts of your audience.

The question is, will your brand be just another name in the crowd, or the one that resonates and endures in the minds of your audience?

Securitas' logo update 2021

Securitas’ logotype is the most important element in our corporate identity and should always be treated with respect. The three dots have been a representation of our brand since 1972. They represent our values but are also our most powerful brand asset and are our unmistakable identifiers. Combined with a customised wordmark, the dots creates a distinct logotype. The logotype will appear as a sign-off or endorsement on all of our communication and reinforces the authority of our brand.

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