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Securitas named world’s 8th most valuable Swedish brand 

Brand Finance, a leading independent brand valuation consultancy, named Securitas as one of the world’s strongest and most valuable Swedish brands.

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Securitas was named the world’s eighth most valuable Swedish brand by Brand Finance, a leading independent brand valuation consultancy based in London.

For the first time, Securitas made the top-10 ranking in Brand Finance’s annual report on the most valuable and strongest Swedish brands.

The report cites our “impressive” growth in recent years and points to several factors contributing to an increased demand for security services and risk prevention.

Why our brand exists

In an era characterized by rapid technological advancements, global interconnectedness, and increasingly sophisticated threats, uncertainty has become a constant reality.

Now more than ever, organizations need a security partner to help navigate the complexities of modern challenges – and anticipate the threats of tomorrow. That’s where Securitas comes in.

We exist to empower resilience: Whether we’re serving a global corporation or a local business, our goal is to provide the products, services, and expertise necessary to help keep operations running smoothly, even in the face of adversity.

From protecting facilities to providing threat intelligence and risk management services, we tackle security, so our clients can focus on what they do best – running their business.

Our brand journey

With an ambitious brand repositioning strategy launched in 2021, Securitas continues to provide a range of highly sophisticated technology and AI-based security solutions while purposefully seeing a different world.

“Our brand reflects our commitment to a human, progressive, and innovative approach to security. That’s why we created the brand communications concept ‘See a Different World,’” says Mauro Silva, vice president of brand and strategic marketing. “Our story is about how an experienced eye sees things differently – and recognizes what others miss.”

Today, our brand value is placed at SEK 31.7 bn, registering a steep growth of 71.6% compared to 2022. This success is built on Securitas’ proud heritage and values of integrity, vigilance, and helpfulness. With skilled people and high-impact technology at our core, we work hard to address the unique needs of organizations across the globe.

What shapes our brand identity

Operating in a sector that is directly influenced by global dynamics and emerging threats led us in shaping a human, innovative, and progressive brand that addresses the current trends in our industry and society.

Focusing on sustainability, technological development, and social awareness, we aim to assess our clients’ needs in a pragmatic, holistic, and integrated way.

“We’re committed to making the extra effort: seeing the positivity, not only the threats. The potential within the everyday,” Silva says. “And to believe in progress, always looking forward, setting our sights on something better and never losing sight of what is most important to others.”

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