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Far-reaching social commitment

Good terms and good development and career opportunities

Our main social function at Securitas is to be a solid, trustworthy and reliable employer for our 355,000 employees. We also work to raise the standard in the security industry.

Securitas' skilled and engaged employees are our most important asset. They represent the company on a daily basis and are ambassadors for our brand and reputation. We aim to offer our employees good terms and good development and career opportunities.

Our corporate culture is built on strong values and a flat organization that encourages an entrepreneurial mindset. People will always be the core of the security solution and we strive to develop our employees so that they can be at the right place with the right skills.


Satisfied employees stay longer

Investing in our employees by offering better terms and helping them develop their unique skills makes sense from a business perspective. Satisfied employees tend to stay with a company longer and become better qualified. With more qualified employees, we can offer more specialized and advanced services, which add value for our clients and generate higher margins for us.

Equal opportunities for all

Securitas is an equal opportunity employer and all employees are to be treated fairly and equally. Discrimination of women and discrimination based on other characteristics in hiring, compensation, training, promotion, termination or retirement is never acceptable. We believe that diverse work groups contribute to better business and we aim to increase the number of women in management positions at all levels in the company.

Securitas does not use forced, involuntary or underage labor and respects all employees' right to freedom of association. As an employer, we advocate equal opportunities for all and do not tolerate bullying or harassment.


Clear policy in the event of a crisis

Securitas has established a crisis management policy and guidelines to ensure that threatening and potentially dangerous situations are avoided whenever possible. We train and prepare our employees and provide them with the best possible guidance when it comes to handling difficult situations, should they arise.


Raising the standard in the security industry

Securitas works proactively to improve the status of security officers and the conditions in the security industry. To raise industry standards, Securitas strives to guarantee mandatory basic training for all security officers. We have established our own training centers in most countries in which we operate.


Ongoing union dialog

We engage in a dialog in order to improve our work at the global, national and local level. Securitas has a global agreement with UNI Global Union and the Swedish Transport Workers' Union. The agreement underlines our joint commitment to universal principles of business conduct as outlined by the United Nations Global Compact and ILO's core conventions and sets our level of ambition and open dialog.

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