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The early years

From that initial security company, Sörensen acquired a number of other security companies, combining them into a new company called Förenade Svenska Vakt AB. Shortly thereafter, Securitas Alarm was formed to complement guarding services.

We continued to grow over those early years, acquiring a number of small security companies and expanding our core business.

Our three values

Sörenson hired hundreds of people from different backgrounds, personalities, and cultures to work alone at night guarding or protecting objects of value. Ethics became a priority. In the mid-1950s, a large and important project to design and promote professional ethics within the company resulted in the “Basic values for Guards” with “The 20 codes of behavior” Included within the basic values are the company’s three core values: Integrity, Vigilance, and Helpfulness, which are represented by the three red dots in the logo.

In 1972, all companies were finally brought together under the Securitas name. Four years later, Erik sold the company to his two sons.

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