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Policy development

Next step in the process is to assess whether new policies need to be created or existing policies need to be updated. This is done by using all available input, both from internal ERM processes, including yearly risk assessment and business plans, but also external such as changing regulations.


Securitas Group Policies, which is one of the cornerstones of Securitas ERM process, establish the framework for all policies and compliance monitoring In the Group. The Group Policies are developed by management and key policies are approved by the Board. A general policy update is released after the statutory Board meeting in May every year, but specific policies are also issued when necessary throughout the year.

Some of the key policies adopted by Securitas that are relevant from a governance perspective are:

  • Client contract policy sets out the process and main principles for managing client contract risk, based on standard terms, a full client and contract risk evaluation, as well as a framework of key policies for contracting security services and solutions. The objective is to manage the risks arising from client contracts, and to ensure that all client contracts have a fair and reasonable allocation of responsibility and risk between the client and Securitas and that the price reflects the risk taken on by Securitas.
  • Securitas’ Values and Ethics Code ensures that the company upholds and promotes the highest ethical business standards. Securitas’ basic requirement is to act within the framework of laws and international conventions, such as the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This means that Securitas respects and complies with competition rules, environmental legislation, labor market regulations, agreements and safety requirements and any other provisions that set the parameters of our operations.
  • Communication policy in accordance with the stock market’s requirements for information with the aim of ensuring that the company fulfills these requirements.
  • Competition law compliance policy with the aim of ensuring that Securitas and its subsidiaries or affiliates are committed to full compliance with all competition laws and regulations.
  • Privacy policy which clarifies the privacy principles that shall be applied by all entities in the Securitas Group.
  • Insider policy as a complement to the insider legislation in force in Sweden.
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