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Podcast: Building resilience

In this episode of Connecting the Dots, we sit down with Louise Martin, intelligence operations manager for the Securitas Risk Intelligence Center.

2 min read

Episode summary

Louise Martin, intelligence operations manager for the Securitas Risk Intelligence Center (RIC), shares her expertise in the world of threat intelligence and security. We delve into the challenges of navigating today's complex threat landscape and discuss the importance of awareness, understanding, and reliable information.

Why listen

Terror threats manifest in various forms, demanding a nuanced understanding of these challenges. Resilience can be cultivated through collective efforts focused on heightened awareness and access to precise information – the key to effectively countering these threats.

5 key takeaways

  1. It’s essential to understand the indicators and warnings for threat risks. They can go from early warning signs, trends and patterns, as well as unusual network traffic, for example.

  2. Awareness and understanding are key factors to build resilience as a society.

  3. Everyone can contribute by avoiding information disorder, and understanding the difference between misinformation, disinformation and malinformation.

  4. Situational awareness - augmented by technology and data-powered insights - plays a major role in helping organizations make informed decisions and build terror threat resilience.

  5. The Securitas RIC aims to deliver accurate, timely, relevant, and actionable intelligence that helps our clients make the right decisions to manage risks.

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