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Intelligent security

A key element in Securitas’ strategy is to promote the innovation of new services – a journey we have started with the aim of becoming the intelligent protective services partner on a global scale, and leading the transformation of the security industry.

Our focus is to enhance and augment existing services as well as to bring new services to market that address the specific needs of our clients. To achieve this, it is fundamental that we expand our digital channels. 


The premiere example of digitizing the client experience is the MySecuritas app, a digital client channel that delivers dynamic incident reporting and business intelligence to our clients in a digital format. It is also intended as a digital distribution channel for our own and partner services. It has been thoroughly tested while being continuously updated in one of our markets and is now being rolled out to several others. 

The digital client interface allows Securitas to deploy new services in a quick, easy, and consistent way. In parallel, we work continuously to ensure that the data gathered is anonymized, structured, and utilized in line with data protection regulations and our policies.  


We are employing people with competence in artificial intelligence, big data, and digitized products, and together with our experienced security experts, they are developing new products and services as well as enhancing existing services. Securitas’ size, presence, and market position are all key factors that are enabling us to become data-driven, deliver intelligent services, and provide quick and adequate responses to our clients.   

One recent example of applied innovation is a developed service called Risk Prediction. Based on multiple datasets, statistical models, and machine learning algorithms, this service can predict where and when security incidents are most likely to occur – in real time. This service will be available through the MySecuritas digital channel.  

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