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Channels for reporting non-compliance

To be able to correct any potential wrong-doings in our company, it is key that our employees speak up and inform us.

We are proud of our employees, and we want them to know that their voices are important in our company. That is why we have established a reporting channel – Securitas Integrity Line – where all employees are able to report cases of non-compliance with Securitas’ Values and Ethics so that problems can be solved in a correct way.

Reporting system for employees

We rely on our employees to help us by speaking up whenever any situation threatens our core values and ethics and our reputation. When an employee reports non-compliance and concerns, they provide us with the information necessary to remedy the situation, with the assurance that the reporter will not be subjected to any negative consequences.

Additional channel of communication

Securitas Integrity Line (Securitas Hotline in the U.S. and Canada, and Linea de Alerta in Mexico) is available 24 hours a day, seven days. We encourage our employees to report in a way that best suit them, for example, to a manager, a HR representative or to the legal function. Securitas Integrity Line is an additional channel of communication to allow our employees another way to voice their concerns.


 Cases of non-compliance

All reported cases of non-compliance with Securitas' Values and Ethics, no matter what channel the report came through, are investigated and documented in a structured way. Securitas has a separate Group policy, Securitas Whistleblowing Policy that, for example, sets out investigation responsibilities and response times, and informs about data protection rules.

Annual and Sustainability Report

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