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Securitas Single Point of Contact for Security Solution

The customer’s security manager and the key account manager from Securitas Germany meet to discuss the security risk assessment that Securitas’ experts carried out a week earlier, together with the customer.

Identifying the characteristics of the site

In the risk assessment, Securitas has identified the characteristics of the site, such as the number and vicinity of buildings and entrances, deliveries and peak hours. Securitas also identified several risks, including fire, explosion and water damage, trespassing, workplace accidents, burglary and theft.

New security solution

At the meeting, Securitas presents a new security solution that will replace the customer's existing security setup, which currently includes on-site guarding and several different suppliers for security cameras, access control and burglar alarms.

Video surveillance and remote guarding

On a detailed plan of the customer's site, cameras, access controls, fire exits and other functions are marked. The existing cameras do not need to be replaced; they can simply be updated and equipped with modern software to enable video surveillance and remote guarding from the Securitas operation Center. With Securitas as the single point of contact for the entire security solution, the customer saves time and resources, and not the least, receives an improved level of security.

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