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Remote access management

Remote entry/exit management enables doors, gates and other locks to be opened and closed without requiring a physical presence. The service also includes remote monitoring by our operators during the time when a person or vehicle is inside the secured area.

With Remote Entry/Exit Management, we can verify that entry points are opened only for authorized activity. In compliance with existing access control protocols, we can verify the identity of individuals requesting access, confirm authorization, track and record activity, and report any exceptions. 

Cost-efficiency and flexibility 

This service provides on-demand remote processing of employees, contract workers or goods deliveries that require access entry or exit management at a client’s site. Operators can verify their identity, confirm authorization, track and record activity, and report any irregularities. 

Two-way communication 

Using our RVS services, the operators can initiate two-way communication with the person requiring access. In this way, they can easily review identification and other documents remotely via cameras and remotely open and close gates. 

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Access management

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